Reno Casinos Being Sold

Reno has drastically changed, as gambling has been declining for years. With many of the Reno casinos going out of business, or filing for bankruptcy, there is actually a potentially great market to be had in these prime real-estate locations in the city, such as the recent sale of the Bourbon Square Casino.

Seeing as how the main contributor in taxes and wealth was the vast amount of casinos, the decline is hitting harder than most would think. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom, as there is a light at the end of the tunnel that could help drive new life into Reno.

When a big industry comes to a city, the city thrives from the jobs and increased population. In this case, the industry would be that the Tesla battery factory is being built in northern Nevada. Tesla, along with president Elon Musk, are making huge strides in technology, and by being the home state of one of their important factories will certainly help.

Hopefully we will still see a few of the old Reno casinos still around, as that is still part of its history, and it also a great way to have fun.

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